Tile floors can handle decades of wear with the right maintenance. Dirt, grease, spills & other accidents wipe right off without damage, and with sealed grout your tile can also be impervious to moisture, stains, scratches, scuffs & dents. Learn more about beautiful, durable tile from Chesapeake Family Flooring!

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Perfect for busy, active families

Tile is a great flooring option for families with children or pets. It can give you the gorgeous look of wood, natural stone and a myriad of other materials with incredible durability and easy cleanability. No matter how your family lives, a tile floor can take it.


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Rock-hard durability

Tile’s hardness is a fantastic asset when it comes to your maintenance and durability needs. Keep in mind, however, that a hard surface isn’t the most forgiving. With that in mind, pair your tile floors with a few well-placed area rugs to create softer spaces to stand, walk, play, and in the case of pets, sleep!

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Tile Styles

Let’s talk ceramic vs. porcelain tile. The two are very similar, both made of clay material, and both falling under the broader umbrella of ceramics. The biggest difference is that porcelain tile is fired at higher temperatures, which makes the tiles denser and more impervious to water. This quality is especially important in outdoor applications where water could get into the tile, freeze, and cause the tiles to crack.

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