Hardwood Care

Protect your lustrous new hardwood floors and preserve their beauty with just a few simple steps.

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Protect the natural beauty of your hardwood flooring

When compared to other hard surface floors, hardwood is superior when it comes to wear and resistance to staining. That said, you still need to regularly clean your floors to ensure that they remain beautiful for years to come. The Chesapeake Family Flooring team has assembled a list of simple maintenance tips to help you best protect your investment and keep your hardwood floors looking new.

Hardwood Cleaning Tips

Routine cleaning should include the blotting of spills as soon as they happen. Sweep, dust or vacuum regularly to prevent dirt from accumulating before it gets ground into the floor’s surface.

Avoid the following: Oil-based cleaners, buffing, waxes & polishes, steel wool, washing & wet mopping.

Use protective mats at all entryways to help collect dirt, sand & grit before they enter your home.

Floor protectors on furniture will minimize dents & scratches from heavy objects.

Maintain a consistent indoor climate using air conditioning, humidifiers & dehumidifiers.

Avoid sharp objects such as high heels & cleats, and keep your pets’ nails trimmed.

Rearrange rugs & furniture periodically to allow your floors to age evenly & give them even exposure to UV sunlight.